Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Gee - Wizz

As you all know Stephanie is my BFF. She makes me laugh all of the time. And I just love the dumb conversations that we have. Here is a snipit from our online conversation just a bit ago:

Stephanie: lol oh geese
me: lol
do you know that's how you spell geese like the bird?
it makes me laugh every time you say that because you mean oh jeese
I dont know how to spell jeese
Stephanie: lol
me: lol
I'm gonna say "oh honk" from now on
Stephanie: lol
me: I asked Amanda how to spell it and she said geese
and I told her that's like a bird
then she said jeese
but that's kinda like Jesse, the name
so I dont know
Stephanie: exactly
i think its geeez
me: I can't find it when I google it either
usually it'll be like "did you mean.."
Stephanie: with 3 e's
me: AH!
yeah, that looks right
and with a z
maybe geeze?
Stephanie: oooooh that sounds good
me: short for Gee wizz
Stephanie: k im gunna do geeze
me: LOL

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

This morning I went to preschool registration. For some reason the City of Redmond handles their registration by doing a lotto drawing. All of the parents who want their kids in preschool show up, they draw a number, and based upon that number you get to register your child in the class you want. The class I wanted Will in had 7 openings. There were at least 40 parents there. I never do well in lottery type situations, so I full heartily expected to draw # 40. There was an odd tension in the room. We are all there for our children, a noble cause.... yet there was a sense of competition.... after all we were all hoping to draw a better number than everyone else. The guy came around with the number bag and a hoped for the best. I pulled out my number and couldn't believe it. #6! Will was for sure in the class that I wanted him in! I had a little celebration in my mind, but played it cool so I wouldn't be tackled by other parents who wanted my number. I soon after signed him up, paid the registration fee and left with the feeling of glares upon me.

Maybe I'll buy a lotto ticket tonight. Just to test this luck of mine. :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day 2

My thoughts

first: he hasn't caught on
second: does he think that putting the oldest dish on top will disguise the fact that there are more dishes?
third: he can't even rinse them out or throw away the plastic spoons that he used?!
fourth: He's not going to be in the office tomorrow but I WILL leave them their until Monday!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


This picture is of a Tupperware that is in the sink in our kitchen at work. I saw it there this morning and like usual thought "Can't people load their own dishes?!" I usually clean up the dishes that are in the sink, but I decided this time was going to be different. I know who this Tupperware belongs to, and he is constantly leaving his dishes in the sink for someone else to load. Well Amanda and I have put down our feet (foot?) and have decided we're going to see how long it takes for him to catch on. It is currently 4:59. One full work day that it has been sitting in the sink. We'll see how long it stays there.

Ugh! Who does that? I mean what adult does that? yuck! Also, you can't tell from the picture, but the fork that is in the Tupperware is a serving fork.... really?!.. did he really eat with a serving fork?! ugh!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Please give your opinion!!

Last night, my Mom and I had a debate about what color my sweater is. I wont tell you which opinion each of us had, as to not sway your opinion... but please help us settle this debate.

What color do you think this sweater is?
(Please make up your mind before you go to comment so that your answer is not swayed by anyone elses opinion.)

Sorry the picture is blurry. For some reason it is either really small, or really blurry, but for the purpose of this post it doens't matter if it is blurry.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Soundtrack of my life

This one is for you Brent...

My Bro-in-law Brent "tagged me" to do this little song survey. So here ya go:

1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For the first question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button TWICE
6. Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool...just type it in!


1. Opening Credits:
"With my own 2 hands" Jack Johnson

2. Waking Up:
"Warning Sign" Coldplay

3. First Day at School:
"No such thing" John Mayer

4. Falling in Love:
"The way I am" Ingrid Michaelson

5. Losing Virginity:
"I'll do anything" Jason Mraz

6. Fight Song:
“Fast car” Tracy Chapman

7. Breaking Up:
“Rodeo Clowns” Jack Johnson

8. Prom:
“Breakdown” White people/Jack Johnson

9. Life:
“grey street” Dave Matthews/Tim Reynolds (This is sad, my life is a ‘grey street’L )

10. Mental Breakdown:
“Roll if you fall” Barefoot Truth

11. Driving
“Crash into Me” Dave Mathews (YIKES!)

12. Flashback:
“My stupid mouth” John Mayer (ha ha, so true!!)

13. Getting Back Together:
“Everything’ll be alright” Joshua Radin

14. Wedding:
“Waiting in Vain” Bob Marley

15. Birth of Child:
“Where we gonna go from here” Mat Kearney

16. Final Battle:
“The Zephyr Song” Red Hot Chili Pepers

17. Death Scene:
“Trouble” Cold Play

18. Funeral Song:
“Digging a Ditch” Dave Matthews (LOL how perfect!)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


This is a scanned copy of the print out that the chiropractor gave me of the thermal scan that they did of my back. (sorry it's not really clear)
White: Normal
Green: Problem starting
Blue: Problem
Red: Bad Problem
Black: REALLY bad problem

Monday, February 9, 2009

Do not try this at home...

I did not have a good weekend. I felt like an old person. Let me tell you why:

On Friday afternoon at work I needed to reach a latch at the top of a really high door. So I grabbed the closest chair, which happen to have wheels on it. And since I was on a hard wood floor that was really not a good idea. And I realized that, but thought, "oh well what's the worse that could happen?" Well the chair started to turn so I grabbed on to the door, then the chair rolled right out from under my feet. The rest is a blur, but from my injuries I have kinda gathered what might have happened... I hit my head and my forearm on the metal door frame. (read: huge bump on my head, possible concussion, bone bruise on forearm.) Then when I hit the floor I landed on my right hip, hitting my knees and ankle, and arm again. (read: bone bruise on hip, normal bruises on knees and ankle, and royally messed up my back) then I fell backward from there and hit the back of my head. I laid there for a while and couldn't move and almost passed out. My coworkers wanted to call and ambulance but I refused. Because seriously, I'm not 80, how lame would it be to have an ambulance come just because I fell off a chair?! So I sat there for a while, and then drove home. My back was killing me the whole way home, and within a few hours my whole back and neck were crazy tight and sore.

..... so yeah, my weekend consisted of laying in bed like an old person. I have a chiropractic appointment at 4:15 this afternoon. :)

Friday, February 6, 2009

blind man

The other day I saw another interesting thing as I was driving home from work...

There is a blind man that lives in Redmond that I often see walking around with his seeing eye dog. However, this time was a bit different. I saw them walking on the trail that runs along the slough (the little stream thing.) Which made me wonder:

Does he tell his dog, "I want to go for a walk along the slough" and the dog brings him there? or does the dog decide what they do for the day and the man is just along for the ride (or walk rather)?

Similarly, when the dog takes him to the grocery store, does he tell the dog that he needs milk and the dog brings him to the milk section? How does it work?!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

question for all of you...

As I was driving home I saw a sign on a new construction building that said "for rent" and had a phone number. The building was in Bellevue right off of 405 and had very large windows. And as I drove this was my train of thought,

I wonder if that is for residential or business?
Those are big windows.
If that is for residential then people could see you in your apartment from the road.
What if you were naked?!

and here is where my real question comes:

If you were naked in your own home and people could see you, could you be charged with indecent exposure?

I have an idea!

Last night Will and I were making cupcakes to bring to one of my friends at work for her birthday. As with most kids, Will's favorite part of making any sweets is when he gets to lick the beaters. We made 2 different types of cupcakes, so as I was busy taking the first batch out of the oven Will was licking the beaters from the second batch. I wasn't paying much attention to him until he said the following:

"Hey Mom! I have an idea!"

(half paying attention) "What Will?"

"When it's all gone, you just dip it back in the bowl!" (said with much excitement and a sound of accomplishment in his voice.)

Just then I looked over as he dipped the beater back into the bowl of batter, not knowing if this was the first time he'd done this, or if he just now decided to share his great idea with me.

I told him that we shouldn't do that because we don't want to share our germs. (He was not impressed.) I then proceeded to scoop the batter into the cupcake cups. ... And as I write this my coworkers are eating the cupcakes. :)

Question: do germs bake out when you cook the cupcakes?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Here is the text from an e-mail I just got from my mom:

"William went up stairs and I heard him banging around in the kitchen. I figured he was getting a snack. He came back down with a bag of popcorn. He handed it to me and said "I popped you popcorn. I thought you would like it." I was baffled. I said, how did you know how to pop popcorn? He said "I just pushed the green button." The popcorn was popped perfect. What a smart kid you have!"