Thursday, August 2, 2007

Repeat stage

Will has gotten to the dangerous, yet fun stage of repeating everything we say. The other day we were at Mom and Dad's house and we would ask William where his foot was. He would show us and then walk around the room showing where everyones feet were. Then nose, then arm.... and so forth. Reed decided to ask him, "Where's Mommy's bum bum?" He didn't know what a "bum bum" was, but apparently he thought it was a funny word because he yelled "BUM BUM!" We all of course busted out laughing. He waited until we stopped laughing and then yelled it again. We laughed again and this went on and on for quite a few minutes. I have since taught him where his bum bum is.

Also, the other day we were driving home and I was teasing Rod about something. As Rod was getting Will out of his car seat he said in a silly voice, "Will is your Mommy a Poopy Head?" Will then mimicked "Poopy head." I didn't want to laugh, but it was just too funny. We haven't encouraged that one though. :)

William Shaving

As I've told you before, William loves to do everything that Rod does. The other day Will went in the bathroom while Rod was shaving. He said "up please" and Rod put him on the counter. He watched intently as Rod continued to shave his face. So when Rod was done he decided to lather him up. He then took a toothbrush and used the back of it to "shave" Will's face. Will thought that it was the coolest thing ever.

San Fransisco

A few weekends ago Rod and I were lucky enough to slip away from our normal day to day lives and fly down to San Francisco. We hung out with some of his friends from college and went around with Keith to many of the wonderful attractions in the San Fran area. It was a quick, but much needed get away for me.

Keith took us out to a beautiful beach, which at first we could not see because of all of the fog. But as the fog lifted we were amazed at the beauty.

As we drove down around the beach we saw a little bit of wild life. Soon after passing by some Great Blue Herons Rod stated, "Hey look, those are some weird looking birds" as he pointed out to a group of something in the water. Then he followed it with, "Wait, those are sea lions!" Turns out there was a Harbor Seal pupping area. We thought it was pretty funny that the Harbor Seals could be mistaken for birds.

Unfortunately for me I only had a few days to spend with Rod down in California because on Saturday he departed on a week long backpacking trip with his friends. Rod had hardly ever been camping before, so I was a little worried. But I was hoping that his friends would watch out for him. He some how survived and came home in one piece, even though he had a bit of a run in with a bear (he'll have to tell you himself sometime.)

In my time between Rod leaving for his hiking trip and me flying home Keith was kind enough to show me around a bit more of San Francisco. My favorite part of course was going shopping down town. Everything was beautiful and large scale. He was kind enough to be patient with me as I spent probably about an hour in H&M (my new favorite store, we totally need one in Seattle.) Below is a picture of me at Weisfield Mall. I'm down at the bottom with 2 of Keith's friends, he stayed at the top to take the picture.
I had a wonderful time in San Francisco. I wish that I would have been able to see Ann for longer. I had breakfast with her when I first got there, but then she left for Asia. I was also lucky enough to have lunch with LaDawn right before I flew out as she was in for her Job interview. I miss my sisters.
Thank you Keith for being such a wonderful tour guide. :)