Monday, September 28, 2009

Will is 4!

I have come to the realization that every year on Will's birthday I will be amazed at how old he is. I cannot believe my baby is already 4 years old!

Yesterday, we celebrated his birthday with a few family and friends. Here are some pictures of the festivities.

Casey Will trying to be like Casey
Batman shirt from Nella, Casey and the kids
The most adorable card that Bailey made for him. Super Will! (Will was really excited about this)
Will got so many presents that he dove into the wrapping paper afterwards.

Group picture!

I think Will liked us singing happy birthday to him. Look how happy he looks!

Wow! He's 4!
After everyone left Will was still playing with the fishing pole that grandma gave him. I think that was his favorite gift.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Meet Casey...

This is Casey. The one in the middle. He is the boyfriend of my good friend Antonella. Good looking guy, right? Well often times Casey looks like this (below.) He's a bit crazy.
The other night I invited Antonella and Casey over for dinner. I explained to Will that Jackson, Antonella's son, wouldn't be coming to dinner because Jack was at his daddies house. Will was totally ok with that. He loves Jackson, but I think he has just as much fun with Casey, who is pretty much a big kid.
Casey is known for having a big mouth. Not in the talking too much way, but in the putting whole cookies or cupcakes or anything else in his mouth type of way. Here is Will trying to be like Casey.

Thanks for being so much fun Casey. Both the kids and the adults think you're great!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Will's crazy big toe

While looking through my phone I found the following picture, which apparently Will took of his own foot. This picture made me laugh out loud for 2 reasons.

1. I love that he was walking around with my phone taking pictures of random things.

2. That toe is CRAZY!

His toe seriously makes shoe shopping difficult. He is a size 11 or sometimes even a 12, but mostly because his big toe adds at least a full shoe size! I wonder if he'll ever grow into his toe? or if he'll always have a crazy big toe?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Horse back riding in Napa

Also while we were in Napa we went horse back riding! So fun! (Great idea Ann!) I hadn't been on a horse since girls camp at Ensign Ranch when I was probably 14. I was a bit worried but all when well. Ann and I decided to wear helmets just in case. :)
Here is Ann on her horse Josie. Josie is the smallest of the horses, but also has the largest appetite. She was constantly on the look out for something that she could eat. And would wait until she felt Ann wasn't paying attention and then dive in for a tasty treat. Ann would pull on the reigns as hard as she could but Josie didn't seem to mind and just kept on eating.
This is my horse, Sport. Sport is Josie's boyfriend and therefore wanted to follow very closely behind Josie (despite her gas issues.) He would also even try to walk side by side with her. Sport was a relatively easy horse to ride expect one issue. Every time we would gallop he would shake his head violently side to side. That made it pretty interesting for me to stay on. I think maybe the bit was in his mouth wrong because he was constantly licking at it.
Keith (who was too cool for a helmet) was riding Jake. No not his brother Jake, or his friend Jake, but Jake the horse. Jake was a well behaved horse but had little patience for Sport and Josie's love games.

Riding was awesome and made me want to have a horse. Crazy huh?

Bouchon Bakery and French Laundry Restaurant

On Labor Day morning Ann, Keith and I woke up somewhat early and drove out to Napa Valley. We stopped at the famous Bouchon Bakery for breakfast. It is run by Thomas Keller, the best pastry chef in the USA! We got a little carried away. All of this food is just for the 3 of us. I alone ordered 5 items. My favorites. Sandwich made of artisan tomatoes, Brie, toasted on the most delicious bread. And the TKO (Thomas Keller Oreo) Both were to die for!

I felt like we were in France. It was beautiful and delicious!!!

We then went down the road a few blocks to look around at the garden where they grow the fresh produce used at Bouchon Bakery and at Thomas Keller's 5 Star Restaurant French Laundry. After viewing the garden we went over to browse around building of the French Laundry Restaurant. It is a beautiful historic building. While walking around Bertram, who works at French Laundry invited us in for a personal tour! He was amazingly kind and took the time to take us through and show us how their kitchen works. We felt honored for him to take the time out of his day just to show us around.
This is a picture that he took of us in their main kitchen! You can even see the 5 stars on the wall of the kitchen. Simply amazing!

Sea Lions

Also while in Santa Cruz we walked over to the pier where you can see Sea Lions (thanks Brett for the tip!) I couldn't believe how close you could get to them! They didn't seem to mind the people at all. So fun! I wish I could be lazy like them!

Boardwalk in Santa Cruz

While visiting my sisters this last weekend in the Bay area we spent one day in Santa Cruz on the board walk. It was a lot of fun and felt like we were at a mini Disneyland. Our favorite ride was the Big Dipper roller coaster. Here are some of the pictures from the 2 times we went on the ride.

I especially love Keith's windblown look after going on the ride.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

First day of preschool

Today was Will's first day of Preschool! Wow, my baby is growing up! Here he is walking through Farrel McWhirter Park to the preschool building.

Once in the classroom there were lots of activities to choose from. He started coloring this cow. Blue is obviously a great color for a cow.

He wrote his name on the paper without any help. Man my kid is smart! :) Btw he was coloring in the lines until I told him that I was going to leave, then he did that scribble thing on the cows face. :)
He was a little bit clingy but once he realized all of the other mothers were leaving too, he was ok with me leaving. I'm excited for him to be in school and to learn and play and all that good stuff but I'm afraid this means he's not a baby anymore. However, no matter how old or big he gets he's still going to be my baby!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Preschool Family Picnic

This last Saturday was the Preschool family picnic. Will is SOOOO excited for school.

Here he is trying out the saddle that was in the classroom. Isn't he adorable?! Gosh I love that kid!
He was also very excited that his seat at "circle time" is right next to the Guinea Pig. He kept saying "I get to keep it!" and I tried to help him understand that he just gets to see it and take care of it at school.

He loved all the animals. But he told us NOT to touch the pig "because pigs are the saddest ones!" Lisa got close and said she was going to touch the pig and Will grabbed her hand and pulled her away from the pig while saying "I so serious. Don't touch the pig!"

The kids got to go for a hay ride in a little trailer pulled by a tractor. They were all pretty excited about that.
Tomorrow, Wednesday, is the first day for him. He keeps telling me that he can't wait. I'm super excited for him because I just know he's going to love it. I'll update tomorrow with pictures of bringing him to his first day of school.