Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Cutest UPS man ever!

First off, Will's costume was a big hit. I bought it on some costume website. I was searching for toddler costumes and all I could find was furry animal costumes, but Will doesn't really like to have hoods on, so I didn't know if those would go over very well. Then I came across the UPS man costume. I thought it was so cute that I just had to get it. I told my UPS man at work and he was so excited. He brought me UPS pens and sticky notes for will to use with his costume. I think he was excited because it's a pretty big compliment that some kid would like to dress up as you for Halloween. (I dont think any little girls ever decide to dress up like an Executive Assistant.) Will's Halloween was very fun filled. He got dressed up in the afternoon. I never expected him to agree to wear the hat, but Uncle Blake told him how cool it was and took him into the bathroom to look at it in the mirror, and then he didn't want to take it off. Dad took Will and Mickayla (AKA Hannah Montana, the singer) down to meet up with Rod at the Halloween party at the Microsoft XBox campus. They trick or treated there and also made some Halloween crafts. Then when they were done there I meet them back at Mom and Dad's and we went up to the ward Trunk or treat. (We were sure to empty Will's bucket before going to the trunk or treat so that he was sure to get lots of candy.) Then we walked back to Mom and Dad's and trick or treated on the way.

Will thought the whole thing was great. I'm sure he thinks we should go knock on peoples doors more often in order to get candy. We found out that he knows how to open up candy wrappers, because for the rest of the night he sat on the floor with candy all around him, opening and eating his candy. Unfortunately there is still a lot of candy left... and I dont think Will will be the one eating all of it.

Pumpkin Carving

The Sunday before Halloween we all got together at Mom and Dad's to carve pumpkins. For some reason there was a pair of goggles in the bag of Pumpkin carving tools. We convinced Will that he should wear them. He looked pretty ridiculous, but as always, was still very cute. (You'll notice in the second picture that he obviously had some sort of red juice with his dinner.)

Mommy and Will

Candice took some pictures of Will and I in Mom and Dad's backyard the other day. Will was not in the most photogenic moods, but they were still cute.