Tuesday, December 15, 2009


this post


made me happy cry. I feel lucky. Lucky that my son is so incredibly loved.

Safety First

When Decko rides in the car with me he typically sits on my shoulders so he can look out the window. The other day we were in the car and Decko went into the back of the car. I looked back to see what he was doing and this is what I saw.

Safety first!

Holiday fun weekend

I tried to make this weekend fun and festive by doing come Christmas activities.

On Friday I invited Mickayla over to have a sleep over with Will and I. We made some Moose Munch and the kids started crunching up some candy canes for the peppermint bark that I made. They had fun minus fighting over the meat cleaver, which they were using as a hammer to break up the pieces.
Sometimes I think Will doesn't realize how much he loves Mickayla. They are so much like siblings. While we were baking he said, "Mom, why is Mickayla here?" I replied, "Because we're having a sleep over." "Why?" he asked. "Because it's fun!" "Well it's not fun for me Mom!" "Well, she's my sister and it's fun for me."

Later when the kids were asleep on my bed, and I was cuddled up with Decko on the couch, I had to remind my self. "This is fun for me!"

The next morning we got up and got all bundled up to meet Nella and her kids to go ice skating. At first I was trying to help Will skate. After accusations such as "You're pulling me too fast." "You are making me fall." I decided to take a break and told Will that he could skate again once he decided that he was going to have fun.
After a few minutes of sitting Will decided that he wanted to skate again. We talked about how it's ok to fall and that everyone falls but that you have to just laugh and keep going. I think it was easier for him to realize that when skating with Mickayla and Bailey. They held his hands and when one of them fell they all fell. They looked like they were having fun. I enjoyed some time watching while talking to Nella.
Later that night we went to my parents church party, where the kids got pictures with Santa's helper. (I'm not even gonna try to say that this guy is Santa, the beard is obviously fake!) The kids seemed to have fun and I again enjoyed time talking with Nella and Casey.
I think our favorite part of the night was when I borrowed this adorable baby from a family at the party. They recently adopted him from an orphanage, I believe in Cambodia (?? amy, correct me if I'm wrong.) He was the sweetest thing. Unfortunately we had to give him up when it was time for him to play baby Jesus in the Nativity.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Poor Decko

Will and Decko have a love hate relationship. I think Will needs a bigger dog that would be able to protect himself more, but I'm glad that Decko is patient enough to put up with Will. I'm sure Decko is happy on the weeks that Will is with his dad.

My mom sent me an e-mail earlier today that said "Will wanted Decko to be festive. I walked in and found Decko sleeping with the head band on." and had this picture attached.

Poor Decko.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree

Sorry I've been behind on my blogging. Here is a quick post for you.

Will and I went to pick out our tree yesterday. We walked around in the freezing cold for quite a while before we came to the conclusion on what tree we wanted.

Last night, Mom, Dad, Reed and Mickayla came over for dinner. Dad and Reed were kind enough to help me get the tree set up, and they helped Will put the star on top.
Here's what the tree looks like now, decorated almost completely by Will because he did not want us to help. Reed and Dad did help pick him up so he could place ornaments all over the tree.