Monday, June 29, 2009

Bridal party fun

2 weekends ago Mom and I hosted a bridal shower party for Stephanie. This last weekend I also organized a Bachelorette Party weekend for Steph and her best friends. We stayed at Trev's parents place down in Seaside Oregon. We had a blast. Perfect girls get away.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Fathers Day - Duck, Duck, Goose

We had a pretty good fathers day. After dad opened up gifts, and we had a delicious dinner, somehow Dad, Blake, Mickayla, Brook and Will decided to play a game of Duck, Duck, Goose. (Dad said he'd play as long as he was always a Duck. lol) They had a great time. Afterward we had ice cream and popcorn and watched Chicken Run. It was a good time, with our GREAT dad.

Friday, June 19, 2009


For the last few years I've really wanted to try skydiving. I think it would be a thrill. I hate heights, but love thrills. I don't believe I've ever expressed this interest to Will. And I definitely have never had a long discussion with him about it... but apparently he thinks we're going skydiving together some day.

Lisa (Will's dad's girl friend) told me the following story:

At dinner last night Will said "So, me and my mommy are gonna jump out of a plane...Yep, just put on a parachute and jump right out" I said, "I wanna do that some day" and he said, "just ask your mom, she'll go with you." I was like, "ummm... I don't think my mom would want to do that" and he said "Really?, why not? You need to go with your parents Lisa" He talked about it forever. SO much detail. He said, "Maybe my daddy will go with you" and Bretts like "no way, too scary" and Will said, "oh dad, you only go fast until the parachute comes, then you go weally slow"

So I guess Will knows what a parachute is (news to me) and I guess we're going together some day (also news to me.) But I like it. :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

What I've learned

It's now been over a year since I bought my motorcycle. And I am still glad I have it. Here are some of my thoughts about riding...

- People automatically think that you are tough if you have a motorcycle

- I often wonder if

1. People can tell that I'm a girl

2. If they do realize that I'm a girl, do they wonder if I like girls rather than boys???

- By owning a motorcycle you are automatically entered into an unspoken club of riders. It's like you have an unspoken understanding of each other.

- By being in this unspoken club you are expected to do the rider wave to passing by riders. This wave is fun at first. It makes you feel cool. But when on a long ride, on a nice day, when a million riders are out, you get sick of waving.

- For the most part you wave to all riders, cruisers and sport bikes alike. But there is the occasional cruiser rider who will not return your wave because they do not feel like you are in the same club.

- Mopeds and scooters are not part of the club.

- Things are more beautiful when riding, as opposed to just driving in the car. Which may be why riders love going on rural roads (and the fact that there are less idiot drivers out there.)

- You also smell things that you would not smell if you were in your car. Before owning my bike I never knew that you could smell the bread cooking at the Safeway factory when driving on 520 just before the 520 405 interchange. But I've also experiences much stronger smells of cows when riding out to Monroe.

- You become much more aware of everything around you. Bumps and holes in the road, and what type of drivers are near by.

- You avoid Asian drivers. Elderly drivers. And phone texting drivers.

- You hate construction more than ever before. Grooved pavement, bumps and abrupt lane edges are not rider friendly.

- Gravel and grates are also enemies.

- Riding is a great stress reliever. It's an escape from the world. I love it!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Birthday Weekend in review

Weekend Highlights


- Recieved just because flowers from a girl who visits our office about one a month (she didn't even know it was my bday soon)
- Went to Gold Class Cinemas with Dustin's parents - ushered to our super soft reclining seats, blankie and pillow provided, button for ordering food and drinks, chocolate martini

- Dress fitting with the soon to be bride! BEAUTIFUL!

- Shopped at Rhinestone Rosies on Queen Ann. Super cool store, and bought this.
- Made yummy snacks
- Steph made a yummy drink
- Being silly with my BFF in my new way cool shirt she bought me

- hung out with friends: hammock time, croquet, fire pit, and more food and drink

- Karaoke bar

- crazy thing of the year: new tragus piercing (don't worry mom, it's the last one I'll get.)
- Will came home and was SO excited that it was Mommys bday and that he had a gift for me and that we were going to sing happy birthday

- opening up gifts
- delicious bday dinner - So full that I had to put on pants, which Ann and Keith informed me are "fat pants"

- ice cream cake, hours later because we were so full!

- playing Wii with Blake, Dustin and Will

Oh and on a different note, and sorry to everyone else that I'm not giving your gifts as much attention, but Blake and Dad gave me the greatest gift. About 2 months or so ago I got Will a new bed. It's a loft bed, which once put together was WAY too tall and he couldn't sit up on his bed without hitting his head on the ceiling. Which means he's been sleeping with me in my bed for the last while, which means I dont get any sleep. But as my bday gift Blake and Dad took the bed apart and got it all fixed. My child sleeping in his own bed, for the whole night, what a wonderful gift!!!