Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ice Cream Maker

On Monday our new Ice Cream Maker arrived. Last night Will and I made our first batch. Since Ann and Keith are pros at the homemade ice cream thing we took Keith's suggestion and made Heath Bar Crunch.

Will sat anxiously and watched the ice cream thicken.
He also helped me break up the heath bars into mixable size.
The ice cream was delicious and we even brought some over to the neighbors so we could bribe them into being our friends.

Hmmm I wonder what kind will be next. I will definitely consult my buddies Ben and Jerry.

How to Train a Dragon 3D

This last weekend I took Will and Mickayla to How to Train Your Dragon 3D. It was a cute movie, and well worth seeing.
I especially loved the "one size fits all" 3D glasses. They were huge on me, and monstrous on Will.
Will doesn't quite get the concept of being quiet since we are in a theater full of people. There were a few times that he yelled out things like "Mom, we're in the water" since the 3D glasses made it look as though the water was all around us.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Patio Garden

Last weekend Will, Dan and I were on a mission to create a patio garden. We dont really know much of anything about gardening but thought, "how hard can it be?" I had done a little reading, but really we figured we'd figure it out as we went along.

First stop was Home Depot. We bought some planter boxes, pebbles for the bottom, and gardening soil to fill it up. They didn't have that great of options as far as things to plant so we decided we needed to go to a nursery.

We searched on our phones for a nursery in Issaquah and found Squak Mountain Nursery. I think we spent the first 20 minutes just roaming around looking at everything and enjoying the warmth of the greenhouse. Then we finally asked someone for help. It was very apparent that we didn't know anything about gardening. We were told that most of the vegetables that we wanted to plant should not be planted until May.

We picked up some snap pea seeds and onion starts, which we were told we could plant now, but decided we'd have to come back in May for the rest of our veggies. We decided that we'd get enough flowers for a few planters. Will was the master mind behind which flowers were chosen. We aimed him towards the part shade (since our deck only gets sun the first half of the day) and let him loose.

We had fun planting all of the flowers the next morning. We are anxious to see sprouts come up from the few veggies we've planted so far, and also anxious to go get our other veggies in a month or 2.

(hopefully something will grow.... especially given the amount of money it cost to make this little patio garden.)

Friday, March 5, 2010


Last night on our way home I told Will that after dinner I needed him to help me with some chores. I told him he could pick what he wanted to help with. Of course he wanted to do the bath tub and the toilets, but he also said he was going to fold the laundry all by himself. I knew that he wouldn't be able to fold it just how I like it done, but since I hate folding laundry I decided I could be ok with that. I left him with the load of laundry and went to do other chores. Every minute or so he'd come running over to where I was and would say "I found your underpants!" while waving around a pair of underwear. I'd send him back to continue to fold. After a few of these underpants run-ins he told me that he was all done. I went to check how it went and this is what I found.
For now I think I'll have him stick with bath tubs and toilets.

Crazy Hair

Will insisted for quite a while that he wanted long hair like his cousin Jack. Unfortunately, Will does not have the soft silky hair like Jack has, so his long hair didn't look quite as nice. Finally about a week ago he told me that he was ready for short hair again, so I jumped on the opportunity and cut it moments later. Here he is after his haircut.We ran into a small problem this morning though. Today is crazy hair day at school and Will doesn't have much hair to make crazy. Last crazy hair day he looked like this.

So we made do and borrowed this old, clown type wig from my parents house. Doesn't he make it look good. So cute!