Thursday, September 2, 2010

Summer Recap

Summer 2010 was busy but lots of fun. Here are some of the highlights:

Seaside, Oregon - 4th of July

got lost on the way down there and I think we cirlcled around the city of Raymond 3 times before we made it to Oregon, it was colder than we expected it to be, Reed and Mom accidentally saw my bare arse (thanks to Reed accidentally flipping up my skirt), lots of smores and sticky fingers, huddling in the tent that was intended to protect dad from the sun on the beach but instead protected us from the cold and rain, most amazing firework show any of us had seen

Antonella and Casey's Wedding

Stephanie came as my "date", amazing authentic Italian food by Antonella's uncle, beautiful day with a beautiful setting, absolutely stunning bride who looked like she was straight out of a magazine, an atmosphere full of love, "you did infact like it, so you put a ring on it", reunion of gym friends, 10 minutes before the wedding started Will peed his pants which explains his business on top and party on bottom atire. love.


Impromptu visit to Westport with our then neighbors and some of their friends, campfires, walking on the jetty, wind blowing on the beach resulting in sand in my hair for a week, mark burying the kids in the sand, dads surfing while I hung out with the kids on the beach, feeling a tug on my heart that I knew was different from anything I'd experienced before

Leavenworth, AKA "Splashfest"

Supposed to be hot and sunny floating down the river, in the 80's when we got in, thunder/lightning and in the 60's when we got out, man down - calls to the hospital, Grandma Ida cooked dinner for Steph and Sam and 25 of their friends, card games, laughter, friendship

Jen's Bachelorette Party

We used to play M.A.S.H together and predict who we were going to marry, now she is a police officer and getting married, theatre sports embarrasement for the bride to be, hanging out with several girls including 2 of the hottest (girl) cops I've ever seen

Liburdi Family Reunion

Quick right? but we already feel part of the family, softball, boys dressing up in camo and hiding in the bushes, lots of good food, amazing people

Trip to Cali to visit Rachel and Steve

LOTS of good food, laying by the pool, yummy coffees at brunch in the morning, lots of girl talk between me and Rachel, walking on the beach, lots of laughter, amazing friends

Monday, June 28, 2010

Georgetown Music Festival

This weekend Will and I went to the Georgetown Music Festival. We met up with Antonella and Casey and some other friends there too. There was lots of music, art and other random stuff.

Some lady had her poor dogs dressed up. I felt bad for them but let Will pet them anyway. Will played a few carnival games that they had there. He won a couple normal things like a plastic bug and a little dinosaur that grows when you put it in water... and he always won a flask!?! Who gives a kid a flask! He asked what it was and I told him he could use it for juice. Uhhhh....
Casey and Will spotted a funky little spot that sold cookies, so we bought some cookies, each one about the size of Will's (very large) head.

I thought this little musical family was cute, but I hope they dont always dress like that.
We took a little rest and people watched. Can you tell from Caseys face that there was some interesting people watching? Also notice how his camera is pointed out, discreetly taking pictures of random people. lol.
Will had a great time and didn't even complain about having to walk around so much.
This is Maddie. Will has a big crush on her. She is Antonella's niece.

Ryan, Antonella's brother-in-law was preforming at the festival, which is the main reason why we went. His show was great, and we enjoyed being right up front by the stage.
Will loved it and totally danced and grooved to the music! I dont know if Will realized how cool it was since he just thinks of Ryan as Maddies dad.
Sorry the pictures are blurry, they are from my phone. Love this one though. Will's got his hands up to the music and Ryan is right above him.
We had a great time, and by the time I pulled out of the parking lot Will was already out. He was a great sport about the long day and had a blast.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Preschool Graduation

Preschool graduation didn't go quite like we hoped it would. All was wonderful... except for the weather. It was very, very rainy. The graduation was supposed to be an outside ceremony followed by a barbecue, but of course there were some last minute changes. For the ceremony we were still mostly outside. The kids were under a breeze way, but the parents were to be standing in the grass. Some canopies were set up to protect us from the rain but there wasn't enough room for everyone, so some of us were under umbrellas. It was cold and wet, but the kids didn't seem to mind. Will was so happy and proud and was constantly smiling. After the kids sang some songs and the diplomas were handed out we all headed for shelter inside the preschool where the kids played for a bit and we had some snacks. The teachers had made a great photo album as a gift for each of the kids. Each childs photo album had pictures of them from throughout the school year. Will will miss his friends over the summer break, but he'll be back to the same school next year.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mariners game

Last friday I took some of my favorite guys to the Mariners game with our company tickets. Dad, Reed and I had a great time once we got to the game. Meeting up before the game was a little bit complicated. Reed was going to be coming from the University, and Dad would be coming from work. To make things even more interesting Reeds cell phone was dead so we wouldn't be able to call to meet up with each other. I talked to him on gchat earlier that day and told him to meet us at Dad's office and that I would pick them both up there. I gave him the bus route number and we decided on a time that we could all be there. Will and I drove into Seattle and we were supposed to meet Dad and Reed outside of the building that Dad works in and I would pull over and they would jump in. As I approached the intersection before the Dad's building I saw Reed crossing the street. I waved at him as he was looking directly at us. No reaction. I waved more and honked the horn. Still no reaction. I yelled "Reed, get in the car" while waving. Finally he seemed to notice who I was, but still wasn't getting in the car. "GET IN." Once he got in the car he told me. "I saw you waving, but I recognized the car before I recognized you. At first I just thought to my self 'I hope that crazy lady isn't waving at me!'" Ha! Thanks Reed! We then called Dad who met up with us moments later.

Will loved the game. He was yelling and cheering the whole time. "Big hit, big hit!" or "Strike out, strike out!" He must have been the Mariners lucky charm because they won 15 to 8!

Woodland Park Zoo

The other day we went to the Woodland Park Zoo. We bought memberships, so I'm sure we will be there more often this year.

My favorite part of the day was when we went in a place that was full of birds. You could buy seeds on a stick for $1 and then the birds would come sit on you and eat off of the stick. When a bird first landed on Brynn she completely freaked out. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera ready. She did better with it once her daddy was holding her.

Will did great and loved having the birds sit on his hands to eat off of the stick.

The birds really liked Joel.
Will and I in the bird house
Joel and Brynn watching the penguins.
Will was so brave and got to pet a snake!
Brynn wanted to touch the snake like Will did, but this is as close as she got.