Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Preschool Graduation

Preschool graduation didn't go quite like we hoped it would. All was wonderful... except for the weather. It was very, very rainy. The graduation was supposed to be an outside ceremony followed by a barbecue, but of course there were some last minute changes. For the ceremony we were still mostly outside. The kids were under a breeze way, but the parents were to be standing in the grass. Some canopies were set up to protect us from the rain but there wasn't enough room for everyone, so some of us were under umbrellas. It was cold and wet, but the kids didn't seem to mind. Will was so happy and proud and was constantly smiling. After the kids sang some songs and the diplomas were handed out we all headed for shelter inside the preschool where the kids played for a bit and we had some snacks. The teachers had made a great photo album as a gift for each of the kids. Each childs photo album had pictures of them from throughout the school year. Will will miss his friends over the summer break, but he'll be back to the same school next year.


Lisa said...

Who is that girl behind the pole with a head too small for her body? ;)

amyraye said...

i'm glad you liked FM well enough to return!

ladawn said...

Will is such a cute boy and so loved! (I saw that first picture when the page loaded and thought it was a funeral. I couldn't figure out why you decided to post pictures from a funeral in the same post as his preschool graduation.)