Thursday, December 20, 2007

Blake the Champ

Yet another addition to the list of blogs. I created a blog for Blake, which he, mom and myself will be adding posts to. Mostly about his wrestling season, but I'm sure other things will make it on there too. There is a link to the right, along with the rest of the friends and family links.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Drummer Show

Last night Mom, Dad, Mickayla, Will and I went out to downtown Bellevue to see the drummer show that they do on Bellevue Way. It was pretty cool. Mickayla and Will even got to drum on the big drums.

Botanical Garden

After seeing the drummer show we went up to the Botanical Gardens to look at the lights that they have during Christmas time. The lights were amazing.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Elder Risenmay

Please note, I have added a link to a blog that I created for Reed. I'll be posting his weekly letters on there, along with any pictures that he sends us. Most of you already get his e-mails, but just incase anyone else is interested in reading them you can send them to

Blake vs some Roosevelt guy

This is a video of Blakes match on Dec 11th against some Roosevelt guy. The guy was really strong, and we were a little bit worried when we saw him, but Blake calmed our fears pretty quickly by pinning the guy in 43 seconds using the fireman carry. That's our boy!

Will's photo Shoot

Will loves to have pictures taken of him when he has a towel around his waist after a bath. I think he thinks that he's cool or something. Below is a video of one of his little after bath time photo shoots. ... silly kid. (warning: there is a little bit of naked baby butt shown in this video.)