Thursday, September 2, 2010

Summer Recap

Summer 2010 was busy but lots of fun. Here are some of the highlights:

Seaside, Oregon - 4th of July

got lost on the way down there and I think we cirlcled around the city of Raymond 3 times before we made it to Oregon, it was colder than we expected it to be, Reed and Mom accidentally saw my bare arse (thanks to Reed accidentally flipping up my skirt), lots of smores and sticky fingers, huddling in the tent that was intended to protect dad from the sun on the beach but instead protected us from the cold and rain, most amazing firework show any of us had seen

Antonella and Casey's Wedding

Stephanie came as my "date", amazing authentic Italian food by Antonella's uncle, beautiful day with a beautiful setting, absolutely stunning bride who looked like she was straight out of a magazine, an atmosphere full of love, "you did infact like it, so you put a ring on it", reunion of gym friends, 10 minutes before the wedding started Will peed his pants which explains his business on top and party on bottom atire. love.


Impromptu visit to Westport with our then neighbors and some of their friends, campfires, walking on the jetty, wind blowing on the beach resulting in sand in my hair for a week, mark burying the kids in the sand, dads surfing while I hung out with the kids on the beach, feeling a tug on my heart that I knew was different from anything I'd experienced before

Leavenworth, AKA "Splashfest"

Supposed to be hot and sunny floating down the river, in the 80's when we got in, thunder/lightning and in the 60's when we got out, man down - calls to the hospital, Grandma Ida cooked dinner for Steph and Sam and 25 of their friends, card games, laughter, friendship

Jen's Bachelorette Party

We used to play M.A.S.H together and predict who we were going to marry, now she is a police officer and getting married, theatre sports embarrasement for the bride to be, hanging out with several girls including 2 of the hottest (girl) cops I've ever seen

Liburdi Family Reunion

Quick right? but we already feel part of the family, softball, boys dressing up in camo and hiding in the bushes, lots of good food, amazing people

Trip to Cali to visit Rachel and Steve

LOTS of good food, laying by the pool, yummy coffees at brunch in the morning, lots of girl talk between me and Rachel, walking on the beach, lots of laughter, amazing friends