Friday, May 23, 2008

Adventures at the Zoo

Last Saturday Mickayla, Will and I decided to venture out in the 96 degree heat and go visit the animals at the Zoo. I must say it was the most adventure I've had at the Zoo. Our favorite part was getting to feed the giraffes. We waited in a long line and paid an extra $5 a person, but it was well worth it. Will liked the giraffes until one of them licked his hand while we were feeding him. lol... he did NOT like that. I don't blame him, even though I enjoyed feeding the giraffe it was pretty weird that it had a 12 inch long bluish-purple tongue.

We of course saw lots of other animals and Will and I also pet a snake. (Mickayla was not interested in getting anywhere near the snake.) So besides it being about 10 degrees too warm and a little run in with a crazy giraffe tongue, we had an amazing time.

M's Game

Primus has season tickets to the Mariners games. Although the Mariners aren't that great of the team its still fun to go to the games. A few weeks back Steph, Trev, BJ and I went to a game. The Mariners lost, but it was fun to spend the time with friends.