Monday, January 18, 2010

Valentines Crafts

Although Valentines Day is about a month away, Will and I decided to start getting in the spirit by making some Valentines crafts.
I was very impressed by Will's loop and staple skills. He didn't want any help, and he did quite a long string all my himself.
"Hey mom, it looks like an N!"

We also painted some heart shaped picture holders.

"Mom, does it look beautiful?!"

I think maybe we got a bit carried away with the streamers. :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

(pre) New Years Eve

A few days before New Years Eve my mom called me in the morning and told me that they had decided that we would be celebrating New Years Eve that evening since the kids could all do it together.

We hung out during the day getting pedicures and having fun together as a family. I took a break to run to target and when I came back there had been a transformation... as I walked up to the house I noticed that there were no lights on upstairs. I figured everyone had moved down stairs to watch a movie or something, but when I walked in I realized that they were upstairs, they had just turned off the lights for the dance party.
There were decorations everywhere, and my sisters, mom and the kids were all dancing. Will looked like a total ladies man. They even told me that Will had taught them the "booty dance." He showed me what it was, which consisted of holding balloons by his butt and shakin' it back and forth. I swear he did not learn this from me.
Mom gave all the kids noise makers and we counted down the new year (2 days and 4 hours early.) Will had to make the below face before blowing in order to get enough air to make the blower make a noise.
We then went outside with sparklers, which were a hit with everyone. It was nice to be able to celebrate new years early with {most} of my family.

My best buddy

I had 2 weeks off for Christmas and New Years (some paid, some forced vacation.) The thing that I loved most of all was the free time that I had with my little man. His eyes lit up when I said, "I get to stay home with you EVERY DAY until you go to daddy's again" Dream come true, for both of us.
One of the mornings {since it was out of the question for us to sleep in} we went to Krispy Kremes for breakfast. Will loved the huge selection of donuts. After a bit of pondering he pointed to the one that he wanted.
gotta love the bed head