Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fun with Dan

Will really enjoyed the few days that he was with us while Dan was here. And I don't blame him because Dan had planned lots of fun activities. One of Will's favorites was his personal golf lesson by Dan, his very own golf pro. Dan even brought a special Will sized golf club.
I think we may have a future golfer on our hands.

Dan also brought a remote control helicopter for Will. We spent quite a while out in a grass field with Will flying the helicopter over our heads. Dan also brought a Wii for us to play. Will especially liked being able to decorate his own guitar hero guitar with the Aerosmith stickers. He loved the Wii sports resort games, and beat the socks off of both Dan and I in the jousting game.

We had lots of fun with Dan in town and can't wait for him to come back.

Super cleaner

I think Will gets this from the Hodson side, but he has always enjoyed cleaning. He likes for things to be clean, therefore he enjoys getting them that way. I use this to my advantage. Scrubbing toilets and cleaning tubs are 2 of his favorites. I love it because he is so detail-oriented that I don't even have to clean them after he's done. He usually asks me "mom is it perfect?" and he wont stop cleaning until I confirm that it is in fact "perfect."

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

FHE lesson

Last night Will taught the Family Home Evening lesson at my parents house. (FHE is a mormon tradition of family night, which usually includes some sort of church message/lesson, prayer, activity, song(except for in our family because we can't sing) and usually (always in our family) a dessert.) We let him teach it all by himself with no guidance. My mom gave him a book of pictures to help him get ideas. He showed us this picture and told us something close to the following story.

"And it came to pass (yes he really said that) that there was a boy and his brother. They had 2 cookies, one for the boy and one for his brother. When the boy got home he ate his cookie AND he ate his brothers cookie. Jesus told him that this was not nice and that we should love one another."

He also told us that the boy who ate the cookies is the one that Jesus has his arm around.

I've seen this picture many times, but never had heard this story. ;)