Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Puppy and prayers

The other day William, Mickayla and I took Fritz and Decko to the dog park. While at the dog park we saw a little 8 week old puppy. William of course loved the "baby dog" and we ended up following it around for most of our time at the dog park. The owner was kind enough to let him pet it several times and even hold it. (I took the above picture with my phone.)

When we got home from the park it was time for dinner. William loves to say the prayer at dinner, but usually I tell him what to say. Dad asked if he wanted to say the prayer and right away he started his prayer, so I just let him do it on his own because he didn't seem to want any guidance. We couldn't understand most of what he said... he blessed the food several times... but what we did hear sounded something like this.... "hevly father, .... bless food.... day.... food.... and the puppy at the dog park... he was so cute.... baby dog........ name Jesus Christ.....AMEN!" Through out his prayer you could hear the grunts of all of us trying to hold in our laughter. We all opened at least one eye at some point and looked around to see if everyone else was smiling too. By the end of his prayer we were all just about in tears from trying to hold in the laughter. I think we'll have to let him pray on his own more often. :)