Tuesday, January 29, 2008


This is what Will did while Mommy packed the bathroom.


If you didn't already hear, William and I are moving back in with Mom and Dad. I'm sure we'll drive them crazy at times, and vise versa, but I'm hoping that in about a year I will have saved up the money for a down payment on a condo. So it should be worth it in the end. This last weekend we moved most of my stuff, either to the storage unit or to Mom and Dads. William was a great helper with the electric screw driver. Thank you to all of you that helped me with the move. Steph and Trev saved my life. I needed to move most everything on Saturday but hadn't packed anything. They came over on Friday night and helped me pack most of my apartment. They are great friends. Then on Saturday Mom, Dad, Blake and Mickayla helped me move a bunch of stuff. We're almost done now. Thanks again for your help!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Anns blog needs an update!

I am posting this to vent my frustration with Ann's blog. It is in desperate need of an update. Ann, I know you and Keith do fun things... we want to hear about them! I miss you!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Stephanie the soon to be bride

This last Saturday Steph and I decided to go to the Wedding Expo at the Convention center. It was fun to walk around and see all of the crazy things that can be part of planning a wedding. Stephanie was not yet engaged at this time, which I think was good because then we could attend the wedding expo with out the stress and pressure of her being engaged.

Earlier in the week I had received an email from Trevor telling me that he was excited for Steph and I to be going to the wedding expo because he was going to use that time to go and ask Steph's Mom and David for permission to marry her. He also asked me to please do something to make her stop analysing his every move so that he could try to make the proposal a surprise. So like any good friend would... I lied to her. :) As we were walking around the expo I told her that I had talked to Trev and that I had an idea of when the proposal was going to happen. But I also told her that it would be soon but not too soon and that she could relax the next few weeks.

When we got home from the Expo Trevor was still at their apartment. Unfortunately Stephs mom had gone to the Seahawks game so he wasn't able to go ask her while we were at the expo. Trev sent me a text (although we were all in the same room) asking for me to somehow take her away for a while so that he could get out of there to go talk to Cheryl and David. ... so I lied again. I said that I really wanted to go let Decko out to go potty and that I wanted to go to Ben Franklin. So Trev said that he was going to go help his brother with something and that he'd meet up with us later for dinner.

I thought that Stephanie had caught on to our lies for sure, but apparently she didn't. I got a call from her on Sunday afternoon and the first thing she said is "you are such a liar!" I'd never been so happy to be called a liar. She told me that he had just proposed and that she was caught completely off guard. I was so glad she was surprised.
I'm SO happy and excited for them. I feel so happy to have such an amazing and cool guy marrying my amazing and cool best friend!

Monday, January 7, 2008


Mom wanted to post this on her blog but thought it was a little inappropriate... so I told her I'd do it because no one would be surprised with it coming from me.... :)

As we all know, Will still can't say many words very clearly. For example he calls Mickayla "Peela" and often when kids are at this stage they say an innocent word that ends up not sounding so innocent.

The other day we were at Mom and Dad's and Will was playing with Fritz, who he happens to call "Tits." I was telling him that he needed to stop because the dogs were getting too rialed up. But Will replied "Mom, I want to play with Tits!" If that wasn't funny enough Blake followed with a comment of "Don't we all!" Mom was standing near by and started laughing hysterically. Then she stopped and tried to be serious as she said, "BLAKE!" but then she continued laughing.

It was a funny experience, but it was even more funny later. Yesterday I was retelling this story to Candice, Scott and Dad. I didn't think Dad would think it was that funny but boy was I wrong. He laughed so hard that his face was almost purple, which made mom laugh. It was funny, but almost uncomfortable how funny our parents thought this was. After all, we were all delivered by a stork... right! Apparently Dad thought it was so funny that even a few minutes later he randomly burst out laughing. Apparently he was still thinking about Blakes comment of "Dont we all!".... Yikes!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Years Eve with Friends

After getting will settled in to his slumber party with Mickayla I headed over to celebrate New Years with friends at Stephanie and Trevor's apartment. It was fun and low key, just hanging out chatting and the boys playing guitars. I always love being with Steph and Trev.

Happy New Year!

We celebrated New Years at Mom and Dads house at 7:00pm with sparklers and sparkling grape juice. It was fun and Will loved the sparklers. He was also excited that he got to have a slumber party and sleep in Mickaylas room so that Mommy could go out and have fun with friends. Mommy was excited about that too. :)

New Year pre-funk

Here are some pictures of Mickayla and Will practicing celebrating New Years a few days before the actual New Years.

Big Boy Bed

Will got a big boy bed from Santa this year. He really likes it. There are only 2 problems: 1. He thinks it is a trampoline 2. He thinks that he should only sleep in the big boy bed for half of the night, and then Mommy's big bed for the other half. I'll have to do something about that. But I'm glad he likes his car bed.