Monday, September 15, 2008

Brian earning his stay

With both of the boys gone mom and dad need someone to help with the man stuff around the house and yard. Lucky for them Brian spends more time at there place than at his own home. So he does things like cutting down branches for them to earn his stay. :) What a good helper.


This last weekend Brian and I decided to get away for a day. We left Friday afternoon and headed up to Leavenworth. When we were checking into our hotel we made the front desk guy laugh. He gave us a coupon for 10% off their restaurant. We didn't really react to that. But then he gave us a coupon for buy one get one free mini-golf. At the same time Brian and I turned to each other and said "yes!" Ha, we're dorks.

We enjoyed our mini golf. I especially enjoyed it because I beat Brian by one point! :)

Rather than the traditional leavenworth meal of weiner schnitzel and beer we went and had dinner at a tiny little place with really good pink lemonade and ate salmon and shrimp crepes.
A very nice man in a leiderhozen took this picture for us. :)

Ellensburg Rodeo

A few weekends ago Brian and I took Will out to the Ellensburg Rodeo. We had a great time. When we got in to Ellensburg we decided to have a healthy lunch off MickeyD's. To our surprise, Ronald McDonald was there. Will said "I wanna picture with that guy." So Brian took the below picture. :)
The Rodeo was a lot of fun and we saw some interesting events. One of which was very exciting and I had never seen it before. It was wild cow milking. One guy roped the cow and the other jumped off his horse and tried to wrestle the cow to a stop. Then the guy who roped the cow got of his horse and tried to milk the cow into a little bottle. It was hilarious, and I think only one team finished successfully. Will's favorite event was the calf roping. He enjoyed telling everyone about it later and it went something like this, "cowboy... with hat.... on horse... and a rope... baby cow... rope him."