Monday, November 17, 2008

Will's first kiss

On Saturday we went over to our Friends, Joy and Damon's house, to play the fun game. Joy and Damon have 2 little girls who are the cutest thing ever. Bailey who is 4 and Mia who is about 18 months.
Will and Bailey were playing downstairs while the adults were playing the game upstairs. I said to Joy, "The kids have been quite for a while... That can't be good." So she sent Damon downstairs to check on them.
Damon quietly went down the stairs and heard nothing. The kids had a little tent that they had been playing with, and he could see that they were in the tent. He said, "Hey! What are you guys doing?" They both came crawling out of the tent and were both wiping their mouths. Damon said again, "What were you guys doing?" Bailey said, "Talking." Damon, "Talking about what?" Bailey, "About the zoo." Will chimed in, "Yeah, talking about the Zoo!" Damon, "I've been down here for a little while and I didn't here any talking."
Damon came up and told the rest of us what was going on. A little while later Will came upstairs. I whispered in his ear, "Did you kiss Bailey?" He got a huge smile on his face and replied "Yeah!" as he shook his head. We all laughed.
We all thought it was funny... except for Damon. I guess he is already protective of his beautiful little girls.
Will and I had a little talk about how for now he should only kiss Mommy. But I must admit, he picked a pretty cute girl for his first kiss. ;)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Gilberts on Main

Have any of you been to Gilberts on Main in Bellevue? Brian and I went there last weekend because he had a gift certificate for a free breakfast. I ordered french toast and eggs, and Brian ordered Pankcakes and eggs. We were thinking this would be enough to fill 1 plate. But then it showed up and we both had 2 full plates of food. It was SOOO good, but even at that I still couldn't finish more than half of what they gave me. We definately give Gilbert's an A+.