Monday, September 10, 2007

The Pink Ladies

Mickayla has started her soccer season. She's really excited about it and reminds us every time we see her when her next soccer game is. Her first game was this past weekend. I wasn't able to attend but Rod went. He said that at some point in the game she was playing defender. The ball was on the other side of the field when she noticed that Rod was there. She started waiving to him and then was throwing herself on the ground and acting weird... completely oblivious that the ball was now coming her way. They yelled at her to pay attention and she finally noticed right before the ball got to her.

Mom sent us Mickayla's schedule so that we could come to any of her games that worked with our schedule. I laughed as I read through the names of the teams, which were obviously chosen by the kids. We have Mickayla's team, who is the Pink Ladies. The other teams are: The Pink Panthers, The Seahorses, The Angels, The Pixies, The Mambas, The Pink Bunnies and the Dolphins. lol. I think probably half of the teams have pink jerseys. Should be a fun soccer season. :)

Friday, September 7, 2007

Science Center

On Labor Day we decided to take Will and Mickayla to go to the Science Center. I was pleasantly surprised that Will had a lot of fun looking and playing with all of the things there. I thought he'd be a little too young but he loved it. He was amazed by the dinosaur bones. Mickayla said that her favorite part was touching the things in the tide pool. (I don't know who taught her to smile like that, maybe Reed?) They both also really liked walking through the butterfly room.

I swear I dont beat my child

This picture is sad but it makes me laugh. It looks like we beat Will, but I swear we don't. The cuts by his nose are from falling at Mom and Dad's house on the brick patio outside. The next evening he got a bruise on his forehead while playing with a toy truck (apparently it somehow attacked him) and then the next day, right before he went back to Brett he was running around our apartment and fell right onto the coffee table and got a cut/bruise under his eye. hopefully CPS wont come after me. Someone please tell me this is normal for children.... Rod says he's amazed the kid is so smart after hitting his head so many times.

Potty time

Will has found a fascination with the potty. At first he just wanted to watch us. (Which both Rod and I felt a little weird about, but tried to realize it's only natural.) Then we asked him if he'd like to try to go potty. We helped him up on the toilet and he concentrated really hard and got a drop or two out. So we decided to get him his very own potty seat. We're not really potty training him but we're letting him get the idea of going potty on the toilet. I can't believe that he's already doing thing since he's not even two yet. Just a few days ago he actually full on went pee in the toilet! It's amazing the things that become exciting when you are a parent.