Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mariners game

Last friday I took some of my favorite guys to the Mariners game with our company tickets. Dad, Reed and I had a great time once we got to the game. Meeting up before the game was a little bit complicated. Reed was going to be coming from the University, and Dad would be coming from work. To make things even more interesting Reeds cell phone was dead so we wouldn't be able to call to meet up with each other. I talked to him on gchat earlier that day and told him to meet us at Dad's office and that I would pick them both up there. I gave him the bus route number and we decided on a time that we could all be there. Will and I drove into Seattle and we were supposed to meet Dad and Reed outside of the building that Dad works in and I would pull over and they would jump in. As I approached the intersection before the Dad's building I saw Reed crossing the street. I waved at him as he was looking directly at us. No reaction. I waved more and honked the horn. Still no reaction. I yelled "Reed, get in the car" while waving. Finally he seemed to notice who I was, but still wasn't getting in the car. "GET IN." Once he got in the car he told me. "I saw you waving, but I recognized the car before I recognized you. At first I just thought to my self 'I hope that crazy lady isn't waving at me!'" Ha! Thanks Reed! We then called Dad who met up with us moments later.

Will loved the game. He was yelling and cheering the whole time. "Big hit, big hit!" or "Strike out, strike out!" He must have been the Mariners lucky charm because they won 15 to 8!


Tammy said...

You are a crazy lady but Reed should have already known that. Funny story.

LaDawn said...

man I miss M's games at Safeco field. Giants stadium is cool and overlooks the bay but it's just not the same.