Monday, June 28, 2010

Georgetown Music Festival

This weekend Will and I went to the Georgetown Music Festival. We met up with Antonella and Casey and some other friends there too. There was lots of music, art and other random stuff.

Some lady had her poor dogs dressed up. I felt bad for them but let Will pet them anyway. Will played a few carnival games that they had there. He won a couple normal things like a plastic bug and a little dinosaur that grows when you put it in water... and he always won a flask!?! Who gives a kid a flask! He asked what it was and I told him he could use it for juice. Uhhhh....
Casey and Will spotted a funky little spot that sold cookies, so we bought some cookies, each one about the size of Will's (very large) head.

I thought this little musical family was cute, but I hope they dont always dress like that.
We took a little rest and people watched. Can you tell from Caseys face that there was some interesting people watching? Also notice how his camera is pointed out, discreetly taking pictures of random people. lol.
Will had a great time and didn't even complain about having to walk around so much.
This is Maddie. Will has a big crush on her. She is Antonella's niece.

Ryan, Antonella's brother-in-law was preforming at the festival, which is the main reason why we went. His show was great, and we enjoyed being right up front by the stage.
Will loved it and totally danced and grooved to the music! I dont know if Will realized how cool it was since he just thinks of Ryan as Maddies dad.
Sorry the pictures are blurry, they are from my phone. Love this one though. Will's got his hands up to the music and Ryan is right above him.
We had a great time, and by the time I pulled out of the parking lot Will was already out. He was a great sport about the long day and had a blast.


Candice said...

Will's so funny. I love the picture of him with the cookie grin!

Ann said...

What a great time! Will looks like he had a blast!! He's a serious rocker! So fun!

Rachel said...

I can't get over the flask story!!I'm STILL laughing!!!! Only in WA.