Monday, June 8, 2009

Birthday Weekend in review

Weekend Highlights


- Recieved just because flowers from a girl who visits our office about one a month (she didn't even know it was my bday soon)
- Went to Gold Class Cinemas with Dustin's parents - ushered to our super soft reclining seats, blankie and pillow provided, button for ordering food and drinks, chocolate martini

- Dress fitting with the soon to be bride! BEAUTIFUL!

- Shopped at Rhinestone Rosies on Queen Ann. Super cool store, and bought this.
- Made yummy snacks
- Steph made a yummy drink
- Being silly with my BFF in my new way cool shirt she bought me

- hung out with friends: hammock time, croquet, fire pit, and more food and drink

- Karaoke bar

- crazy thing of the year: new tragus piercing (don't worry mom, it's the last one I'll get.)
- Will came home and was SO excited that it was Mommys bday and that he had a gift for me and that we were going to sing happy birthday

- opening up gifts
- delicious bday dinner - So full that I had to put on pants, which Ann and Keith informed me are "fat pants"

- ice cream cake, hours later because we were so full!

- playing Wii with Blake, Dustin and Will

Oh and on a different note, and sorry to everyone else that I'm not giving your gifts as much attention, but Blake and Dad gave me the greatest gift. About 2 months or so ago I got Will a new bed. It's a loft bed, which once put together was WAY too tall and he couldn't sit up on his bed without hitting his head on the ceiling. Which means he's been sleeping with me in my bed for the last while, which means I dont get any sleep. But as my bday gift Blake and Dad took the bed apart and got it all fixed. My child sleeping in his own bed, for the whole night, what a wonderful gift!!!


amyraye said...

ouch. what's up with that piercing?

happy birthday. can i postpone any goodies i would have brought over on sunday for a few more weeks? I knew you wouldn't mind stretching out your birthday a little longer.

i did think about you on sunday; just never completed the thought with a call or e-mail or anything. but i'm glad you had a really great birthday weekend.

what could be better than a child-free bed for your birthday? nice job, bro. risenmay and blake!

Lisa Best said...

Sounds like a great birthday weekend! :)

I love that Bulldog shirt! Is that from

My aunt gave Will a loft bed also but we never set it up for the same reason! Glad to hear you are able to get some sleep now :)

LaDawn said...

I've heard those piercings hurt worse than childbirth. Is that an IKEA loft bed? I wanted to get one like that from IKEA for Brook but Brent said it was too wobbly and wouldn't let me.

Tammy said...

You really had a full birthday. That is great. I love you and glad it turned out so well.

Erin said...

Amy - I'm happy to extend my birthday for you, but it's really not necessary, I know you love me. :) And yes, I'm loving the child free bed. :)

Lisa - yep, totally an etsy shirt. I love that site.

LaDawn - It didn't hurt really. More uncomfortable than actual pain. just a lot of pressure. And yes it's an ikea bed. But the loft ones seem to be made for high ceilings. And it doesn't seem wobbly. I've climbed up there and it seemed fine.

Mom - Thanks for adding to my wonderful birthday! I love you too!!!

Ann said...

1- Just-because flowers are the BEST and those are incredibly beautiful!
2- Rhinestone Rosies?! Where have you been all my life? We have to go there while I'm visiting in July! I need some new bling!
3- Love Stephanie! And how amazing is your hair in these pics?
4- I love the excited look on Will's face when he's looking at your birthday cake. What a cutie!
5- Love Will even more now that he's sleeping in his TALL big boy bed! *high five* to Dad and Blake for making it happen!